Case Study Approach to Teaching Science

Case Study is teaching strategy very much similar to Problem Base Learning Model or Inquiry Model.  It emphasizes student as active participants and orients them to discovery or "minds-on and hands-on" learning process.  It requires students to think critically, be curious, and problem solve.  Remember CLASS = Case study Links educAtion Students, and Service Learning!!! If you want further information about case studies check out the links below.
The case studies we will perform and investigate this year are gathered from the National Case Study Center for Science and National Institute of Health: Office of Science Education or written by Mrs. E. Roland.
Pre-IB Biology:
*1.  Goldilocks and Three Bears:  Scientific Investigation
*2.  Morrison Creek: Ecology/Evolution
*3.  LBHS-Just Survice: Biochemistry and Endocrine System
*4.  Take 2 and Call Me in the Morning: Cell Biology and Immune System
*5.  Twin Sister or Not: Genetics

*If you want the details of the lessons, checkout the subpages below. 

Due to the complexity, advance level, and or length of case studies presented in the NCSC or NIH website, majority of them have been modified for high school students but no way dimish the purpose and benefits of case study approach to teaching science.