St. Patrick's Day Parade

These are the photos I took during the St. Patty's Day Parade in Pittsburgh.  For now, they're arranged vertically down the page, but I'll try to move them around once I start to figure things out.


 Downtown Pittsbrugh (specifically, the PPG building) as seen from the Smithfield St.bridge.


 Same spot on the bridge, just looking to the left over the Allegheny River.


People crowded onto a parking garage along the Boulevard of the Allies.  The building above it is the Mellon Bank building.


 Bishop Donald Wuerl, driving along in a Corvette with some guy on his cellphone.  To be fair, the car belongs to a parade sponsor. 


 The best image I could get of PA Govenor Ed Rendell was of the back of his head.  He's still fairly recognizable, I think.  I like the reactions of the people in front of him.  "Raise minimum wage!" (Note: Rendell is from Philly)

Pittsburgh Steeler's Runningback Willie Parker, pimping Verizon FiOS.

A 5x digital zoom of Willie about to fire off some confetti.


 Last pic.  FYI: "FiOS" stands for "Fiber Optic Services"