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Happy Mother's Day! 
We did a project today that the students loved! They had the challenge of (using only tape and things out of the recycle bin) building the tallest, self standing, tower that they could without taping it to the floor.   I didn't help any groups with their ideas, I just wanted to watch them problem solve and critical think on their own. They were 100% engaged the entire time! They loved it! I was very impressed with their ideas!

Finally remembered to take a pic during our Friday compliment session.  This was a little quiet the first week we did this, today was our last compliment session and the kids were so sentimental and the compliments were so specific.  A lot of the students teared up during the session but it shows how much they have grown in loving others!!

 Thank you for making me feel appreciated not only this week but all year long! My desk and heart are overflowing!

We had a blast on our field trip! 

We were in the Daily Journal today, I didn't even know until I received a text from a friend.  Here is the link: http://dailyjournalonline.com/leadwood/news/students-give-back-while-learning/article_6d5d84f0-43d5-5023-bf4a-9f34f62ff41b.html

 Happy Dr. Seuss Week

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy 100th Day of School!

Practicing fractions with Fruit Loops!

Grinch Day!

In lieu of election day 2016 we have been studying the election process and held a mock election today.  The kids really enjoyed it and have been so excited to learn about this topic. Here are a few pics: 

Happy Veteran's Day Week!  This is a photo of my grandfather from his service time:

Happy Halloween! Its getting spooky in here!


Aren't these just the cutest little faces? #classof2016

New Year, New Classroom, Same Grade! Go checkout our virtual classroom tour! Updates!
I also added each of you to classdojo so check your emails.
 I love our new, pretty, sunny, classroom view!!

"If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now"



I had some visitors to start off the year!

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