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Constructivism in the Technology Classroom

Your goal during this activity is to begin to discover exactly what constructivism is and how it is applied in the classroom. You won't become an expert ready to teach every lesson based on constructivist principles, but you will have a better understanding of how teaching practices based on constructivist principles work to improve learning.

You will work in a group to research the theory of constructivism. After developing background in the theory, your group will choose a topic and describe a lesson for this topic based on constructivist principles. You won't have to provide a complete lesson plan, just describe the lesson in general terms.

Introduction to Constructivism
In order to implement constructivist principles into teaching practices, you must know about the theory of constructivism.

  • What are some principles of constructivism? How are they incorporated into the classroom?
  • What does a constructivist classroom look like? Feel like? Sound like?
  • How do constructivist teaching practices differ from more traditional lessons?
  • What is the relationship between inquiry-based learning and constructivism?
  • How is technology integrated in a constructivist classroom?

You will be assigned to a group of four. In this group you will have a partner. Use the websites provided to research the theory of constructivism. Divide the research equally among the two pairs in your group. After each pair has investigated the information and taken notes, return to your group of four to share what you have learned. Work with your team to develop a list of constructivist principles using the handout provided.

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