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-May 16-

"Photoshop Impressionism":

If you haven't already, check out the music video for The Elms' song "Nothin' to Do With Love" on their myspace.

 -May 4-
Ah, The Chess Hotel came to the world! I'm sure some of you have seen the cool picture on my xanga, but noone has seen this hilarious video of us 4.

Yeah, we're cool!

OHH and here's a funny video I made for AP Environmental.

-April 28-

Jordan and I used what little time we had to record a silly, dirty, White Stripes-esque, vocal cord killing, energetic cover of Helter Skelter - click to listen (right click-save as to download). Heh. It's fun.

III am spending the night at my grandmas because I am.

My hard drive recently crashed, and Stephen and I's best recording is forever lost. Sigh. Almost everything else is backed up elsewhere, though.

Dear Television,


Four days.

-Nathan Walker

-April 25-

We just had a bomb threat at our school, so I stood outside in the cold for some 40 minutes...until the threat-maker got arrested (supposedly). How boring.

I havent done anything related to this class in this computer class that I'm in right now,... ever. How amazing. Actually I worked on a Photoshop graphic for a week. But, hardly.

If you haven't heard, I am offering to help people buy The Chess Hotel who want to get it cheaply. Obviously, if you don't mind paying 8 bucks, and you can buy it online for yourself - do it. And, if you don't mind going to the store, you can pay 10 bucks. It's a great album, and I'd hope you could invest eight bucks in it on May 2 (or whenever you wire me the money to get it for you :).

Thanks to Sandy for giving me that picture that I took and photoshopped since it was on her camera. Stephen and I are awesome.

And need to get movin'.

-April 23-

Me + N'SYNC = ?

Youth group is today! I miss playing drums with Stephen. As I predicted, I did nothing yesterday (my friends have work and/or significant others). But I did find out that I can unplug and turn off my computer and make it sort of stay on for 2 minutes. Yeah, that was scary. I thought it was going to blow up so I called tech support (the smiths) and talked to Stephen's dad and he said gently:

"It's okayyyyyy its okayy SHHH SHH CALM DOWN it's....oh.....kayy"

Yeahh that's all.
Can't wait for summer.

 -April 22-

Man, I got so much freaking sleep. It was awesome. As I don't really think I will be doing anything today, except resting. Kareoke night was fun(ny). After Stephen and I played our three acoustic songs, I treated everyone to a gay/homestar/stand up comic N'Sync kareoke breakdown.

My mom is at tthe mall right now, and my dad is putting oil in the van somewhere. And by the way, I broke the drivers' seat in the volvo (it won't scoot back) so now I can't drive it. Freaking long legs :(.

If anyone missed my TSA video, you can check it out on my short films page on the left.

-April 21-

Ah, today is friday.
Stephen and I are going to be playing a few songs at coffeehouse tonight (which is going to be a kareoke night, so hopefully we'll be a relief).

I am very hungry.


-April 20-

I wonder if I should use this instead of xanga. for now it's a bunch of links. I am tired. Tomorrow is friday.