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A super simple todo list on CLI


Latest Version:

todo-cliv.0777.persei8 (Nov 06 2012) (unstable)

Previous Versions:
todo-cli v.0666.omicron1
(Sep 1 2012) (unstable)
todo-cli v.0333.epsilon1 (Nov 25 2011) (unstable)


Detailed project page
Issues and comments

- highly unstable
- written to test my proficiency in scripting especially in BASH
- there are plans to make it portable!
- a very slow moving project
- very lightweight! (creates two files TODO and .TODODB to handle and store tasks)
- a personal project


- Basic task management
  • Adding tasks
  • Removing tasks
  • Prioritizing tasks

- Advanced task management
  • Colorizing task
  • Re-prioritizing tasks
  • Task trees and categories
  • Task reminders (via notify-send)
  • Task reminders (via email)* Coming soon!
  • Task notes

- Task viewing
  • Show a detailed list
  • Show a quick list
  • Show task trees
  • Show task priorities and upcoming due dates