site news

Oct. 30 - included popart project

April 14. - Redesign in the making


Aug. 9 - Writing Setup added in /articles/!

Jan. 9 - DWM: A newbies guide & Gnome Shell Review added in /articles/!


Oct.15 - todocli updated to version persei-8.

Sept. 24 - 
todo-cli updated to version omicron 6. Updated documentation!


Dec. 06 - info page on Valkyrians is now up.

Dec. 3 - net gems sections added. New article on jasmine tea added. New featured desktop. And Google gadgets are operational!

Nov. 30 - Info page on mankind in TLK is now up. For some reason google gadgets are shitting up so comment boxes are disabled at the moment.
/articles/ is up. Feel free to submit some helpful articles (about anything)!

Nov 27 - article on basic ricing is up. Various comment boxes added throughout the site. Project pages and /desktop/ should have one now.

Nov 26 - todo-cli project page added with detailed doc page. Buddhist QOTD added on the projects landing page. TLK project page added also.

Nov 25 - Lazybox created.  /desktops/ is up! 

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