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LazSplit is a freeware, opensource, platform independent application to Split, Join, Compare, CheckSum and Mime Encode/Decode files. This Application is developed with Lazarus.


  • Split 

Splits a specified filed file with splitsize and creates a file including the MD5sum of the splitted file.

The first splitted file extesnsion will be .lazsplit.001 and the checksum file extension will be .lazsplit.md5.

  • Join

Joins splitted files and checking the MD5sum.

  • Compare

Comapres specified two files by filesize and MD5sum

  • Checksum

Calculates the MD5sum of the specified file.

  • Mime Encode/Decode

Encodes or Decodes a file with Mime (base64)

The encoded file extension will be .b64

  • Commandline switches
    • Split:
      lazsplit -s filetosplit.ext <splitsize_in_kilobytes>
    • Join:
      lazsplit -j firstfiletojoin.lazsplit.001 filetojoin.ext
    • Compare:
      lasplit -c file1tocompare.ext file2tocompare.ext