Terms of Service

Star Scavenger Productions 
Terms of Service

Star Scavenger Productions (henceforth SSP) reserves the right to decline to any work.

SSP may cancel an order at any time during the commission process, and a full refund will be issued.  Incomplete work or cancelled orders remain the property of SSP.

The client may cancel an order at any time, and a refund will be issued minus the price of work completed.

SSP will provide works in progress (WIP) throughout the commission experience.

Clients are allowed up to three sets of changes during the WIP phases. Additional sets of changes will incur a 10% fee (of the total cost of the commission).

SSP retains all rights to completed works and may reproduce them for the purpose of prints, portfolios, and other sales purposes. Full rights may be purchased by the client at an additional fee.

Clients retain all rights to their characters. SSP will not reuse a client’s intellectual property without their consent.

SSP’s work hours are subject to change without warning.

SSP does not answer messages in regards to commissions outside of working hours. (Please limit messages to 1 inquiry within a 24 hour span) All work inquiries must be made via nuka.hyena@gmail.com or lazer@starscavenger.com

By proceeding with the commission process you agree to these terms of service.