The Gibson Screensaver

Ever seen the movie Hackers? No? Thats a shame. I saw it, and took big liking to the Gibson that showed up in the movie. For quite awhile I contented myself with a desktop background, but what I really wanted was a screensaver. I searched, but I could only find a screensaver with embedded malware that wasn't really that great of a recreation anyway.

When I built my new system, I chose to recreate the Gibson as a 3D screensaver based on my Ray3D engine. I said it was to show off the power of my system, but it was really just because I wanted that screensaver. :P

I spent 81 hours over the course of about two months, and I'm quite happy with the result.

I recommend a fairly new system with 3 GB of RAM and some kind of nifty graphics card. (Read: not integrated graphics)
Unfortunately, it only runs on Windoze, but I might port it to Linux sometime. Who knows?


(Note, there are little pulses that fly around, they just aren't visible in this screenshot.)