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MadCat Day

posted Feb 12, 2011, 3:36 PM by Johnny Serafino   [ updated Feb 12, 2011, 6:12 PM ]
Well I've been thinking about this for awhile, and finally made a decision. I hereby pronounce today, February 12th, MadCat Day! This is nothing official, so don't ask your boss if you can get the day off. I've really thought I should have a madcat day for some time, but never really decided on a date. I picked today because it's been awhile since I posted and I'm getting antsy to write something.  ;)

Anyway, for those of who don't know what madcat I am referring to, it's the famed madcat from the Mechwarrior series. And to honor the madcat's awesomeness, here are some render's of a 3d model I made with Blender. Laser effects are done in GIMP.

I actually made this model and the accompanying picture a few months ago. I did it in one night and it took me about 2 and a half hours. I really like the how they turned out.

And now, for a short history on the madcat. All of this is only within the accordance of the fictional BattleTech universe. Nothing here is real.

After a long separation from what became the inner sphere, the Clans returned and invaded in August of 3049. The invasion began with Clan Wolf, who attacked and seized the planet Blackstone. When the clans invaded, Clan Wolf brought back 'mechs which had either been developed beyond their ancient inner sphere counterparts, or 'mechs the inner sphere had never possessed. Among them, and in high concentration in the first assault on Blackstone was the Timber Wolf. The Timber Wolf could hold 75 tons of armor and weapons, and was extremely agile and maneuverable for it's weight class.

Inner sphere pilot's who first saw Timber Wolf's, called them "Mad Cat's" because they seemed to be some form of hybrid between a Catapult and a Marauder. The name stuck and to this day anyone worth their Particle Projector Cannon knows what you mean when you say "MadCat".

I won't go into further development here, things like the Mad Cat Mark 2 can be saved and perhaps explained in a later year.

            Happy MadCat day!