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Course website moved to http://lazarebiology.weebly.com/




All Biology 1408/1409 course materials are stored on ACC Blackboard Online Management System due to upload file size restraints found at AISD and google site.  Materials the Blackboard site contains include all Power Points, Labs, Case Studies and worksheets that are used in this course

Students: You will need to log in at https://acconline.austincc.edu/.  You will need your ACCEID and password which I will help you obtain on the first day of class.

Parents: You will only be able to access these materials using your child's ACCEID and password.  You can only obtain this info from your child.  I can not give out this information due to The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Other Teachers/Admins: If you would like access to these materials, please contact me for further information.