What's your address?

Zooming the Universe

1. Where are we in the universe?
Well, we live in The Earth, the third planet of our solar system. Our solar system is located in the Milky Way Galaxy, a collection of 200 billion stars (together with their solar systems). The Milky Way Galaxy is located in a group of 30+ galaxies we call the Local Group. The Local Group is a part of a local supercluster of 100+ galaxies (called the Virgo Supercluster). This supercluster is one of millions of superclusters in the universe.
And yet you are UNIQUE!!!
So, the next time you have to write your address, don't forget to write it complete!!
If you still think that we live in a VERY BIG place called "EARTH" just have a look at this web: "The Size of our World" and you will see how small we are...

2. Solar System Survey
    How much do people know about the Solar System?
We are going to ask other students and people in the street two or three simple questions about the solar system. The teacher will give you a template with the questions ans space for the answers. Then, we'll note down the answers and add up the total number of right answers. With the result of our survey we'll make a graph. 
We will try this new tool to make amazing graphs: ONLINE GRAPH MAKER
Have a look and try some sample graphs first if you want :-)