Seth Neumann

Electronics and Communication Systems







Seth is a modern-era modeler whose home layout features the Union Pacific in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1999.  He is an avid operator and considers himself fortunate to have been a regular operator on Rick Fortin’s ATSF 4th District layout for 10 years.


Seth specializes in communications systems for model railroads, having developed telephone systems for several operating layouts and having presented clinics on the subject at many model railroad meets, including NMRA national conventions.  He also works on wiring, DCC, signaling and other electronic controls for model railroads.


Seth is a founding Director of both the Operations Special Interest Group (SIG) and the Layout Design SIG and holds the title of Vice President of both those organizations.  He holds NMRA Achievement Certificates as Chief Dispatcher, Model Railroad Author and Association Volunteer.  Seth also belongs to the Santa Fe Railway Modeling and Historical Society, the Southern Pacific Historical and Technical Society, the Union Pacific Historical Society and the Western Pacific Historical Society.


Seth has written articles or presented clinics on the following topics: 

  • DCC for Dummies (1995-1997)
    With Ed Loizeaux
  • MoPac Roofing Granules Hopper (1997)
  • Tips for the Visiting Yardmaster (2002)
  • A Comparison Of Two Layout Designs (2003)
    With Mike Birmingham
  • Modeling the “Occupied Western Pacific” in the East Bay (2003)
  • A Day In The Life Of A Modern Short Line (2004)
    With Rick Fortin
  • Advanced Yard Operations (2004)
  • Model Railroad Communications (2004 -> 2008)
  • A South American Narrow Gauge Line (2006)