Student Council

Student Council members are now selling drawstring backpacks for $7.00 each.  The funds raised will help purchase a new sound system and stage equipment for Tekonsha High School.

     If interested in purchasing a backpack, contact any member or call Mrs. Layne at 767-4121 ext. 102.

2010-2011 Student Council

Advisor: Mrs. Layne

President: Christopher Katz

Vice-President: Kayla Lloyd

Secretary: Mackenzie Norman

Treasurer: Matthew Katz

Senior Representatives:  Pansy Goheen & Derek Brouse

Junior Representatives:  Devonnie Becerra & Evan Calhoun

Sophomore Representatives:  Katie Jenkins & James Swafford

Freshman Representatives:  Sierra Miller & Ryan Hoeltzel


     The purpose of the Tekonsha Student Council is to act as a liaison for and between the student body and the administration.  It will give students the opportunity to learn about and be a part of a governing body, to develop and exhibit leadership qualities and to express the student body's feelings, opinions, and interests.  The Tekonsha Student Council will also coordinate and regulate special activities for the student body while promoting school loyalty and spirit.



 "Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average."

Jim Rohn


Heather Layne,
Feb 11, 2011, 8:51 AM