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The Team

Kristina Lawyer, Driver

Two thousand eighteen is Kristina's 26th season driving for Lawyer Motorsports. In addition to driving, Kristina handles public relations, advertising, and data analysis for the team. Click here to view her resume in pdf form.
Kristina earned a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2017 and is currently a professor of Automotive & Mechanical Engineering Technology at Indiana State University. Kristina was nominated for NHRA Division 3 ET Driver of the Year in 2010 and named the Outstanding Woman in Engineering by the Lyn St. James foundation in 2007 for her work on a hybrid vehicle design team and in motorsports..

Todd Lawyer, Crew Chief

Todd has been involved in racing his entire life and an auto mechanic for over 30 years. His duties with Lawyer Motorsports include vehicle maintenance, managing the Lawyer Motorsports shop, and sponsor relations. He won the Crew Chief of the Year award in 2006 from Chandler Motorsports Park.

Gail Lawyer, Crew Chief

Gail has been involved in racing for over 30 years. Her duties include driving the motorhome to each race and maintaining the valve train on the race vehicle. She won the Crew Chief of the Year award in 2006 from Chandler Motorsports Park. When not working for Lawyer Motorsports, Gail works at CTC Inc. in Chandler, Ind.


Charlie Evans, Engine Builder

Charlie has built engines for Lawyer Motorsports since 2007. He has partnered with Jon Kaase for engine development, been featured in numerous magazines, participated in the annual Engine Masters Challenge, and is a regular contributor to the 429-460 Ford engine forums. Visit EvansRacingEngines.com for more information.


Mark McDonald, Chassis Builder

Mark has built chassis and done fabrication work for Lawyer Motorsports since 1995. He owns and operates DragstersForSale.com, the Midwest's premier stocking dealer of new and used drag race cars.


Palmer Smalley, Crew Member

Palmer joined Lawyer Motorsports in 2017. His duties include general vehicle maintenance and doing whatever Todd and Gail request of him. Palmer has an AAS in Automotive Technology and is currently a student at Indiana State University. When not working for Lawyer Motorsports, Palmer enjoys working on his go-kart, gardening, and playing baseball.