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Lawyer Motorsports

The History of Lawyer Motorsports

A single go-kart, with driver Kristina Lawyer and crew chiefs Todd and Gail Lawyer, founded Lawyer Motorsports in 1993. Lawyer Motorsports finished 4th in points in their go-kart class in both 1994 and 1995 at Seedtick Raceway in Princeton, Indiana. In 1996 Lawyer Motorsports switched from go-kart racing to drag racing and began racing a Junior Dragster.

The Lawyer Motorsports go-kart, Seedtick Raceway in Princeton, IN in 1994

Junior Dragsters are half-scale versions of regular dragsters that are driven by children aged eight through seventeen. The team won the SportsNational Open in Bowling Green, Kentucky in their first year of Junior Dragster racing and finished the season in 3rd place in the overall points. Crew member Amber Carter joined the team in 1998 to assist with race day activities. Lawyer Motorsports won championships in the Junior Dragster division at Chandler Motorsports Park (then named Greater Evansville Raceway) in Chandler, Indiana in both 1999 and 2000.

The Lawyer Motorsports Jr. Dragster, Chandler Motorsports Park in Chandler, IN in 1998

In 2001 Lawyer Motorsports moved up from Junior Dragster racing into the Super Pro class, again with Kristina Lawyer as driver, and Todd and Gail Lawyer as crew chiefs. Super Pro is the fastest class in Bracket Racing; a kind of racing done by non-professional drag racers. In 2003 and 2006 Kristina was voted the Most Improved Driver of the Year by her fellow racers at Chandler Motorsports Park. Crew member Ben Ciavola joined the team, Todd & Gail were awarded the Crew Chief of the Year Award from Chandler Motorsports Park and the team won their third overall season points championship, this time in the Super Pro class, all in 2006.


Amber, Gail, Kristina, Todd, and Ben at the 2006 Chandler Motorsports Park Banquet


Throughout 2007 and 2008 Lawyer Motorsports stopped participating in the season points chase at Chandler Motorsports Park and started traveling around the Midwest to participate at other tracks. In 2009 the team competed in 7 of 10 NHRA Division 3 Jeg's Super Quick Series events throughout the Midwest and finished 8th in the overall series points. Lawyer Motorsports followed the entire Jeg's series in 2010 and won the divisional championship. In addition, the team competed in the Jeg's Super Quick Shootout in both 2009 and 2010.


Gail, Kristina, and Todd at the 2009 NHRA Division 3 Banquet

Kristina's Divisional Championship Acceptance Speech

Kristina's Championship Acceptance Speech at the 2010 NHRA Division 3 Banquet

Lawyer Motorsports competed only occasionally in the 2011 and 2012 seasons. The 2013 season brought about a change of focus for Lawyer Motorsports as the team began to enter Top Dragster events. 

In addition to being active within the racing community through various sponsorships of other vehicles and donations, Lawyer Motorsports is also active in the local non-racing community. Throughout its fifteen years in business, Lawyer Motorsports racecars have been featured in countless car shows, car safety presentations, racing promotions, parades, television shows, magazine articles and newspaper stories. In many of these appearances Lawyer Motorsports has strived to provide not only a "good show," but also inspiration and safety awareness. In one such case, while the Lawyer Motorsports Junior Dragster was being displayed at an elementary school, a "pro-seatbelt" speech that was written and presented by Gail and Kristina Lawyer was heard by more than five hundred children.