Sleep Webinar

FREE Online 4 Week Sleep Therapy Programme!

This February 2019 residents of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough can access a free online sleep course, which LWCCS is providing in partnership with Mind Time Therapies. The four-week programme takes place every Monday evening from the 18 February 2019 to 11 March 2019 at 8pm. Each session lasts for about 50 minutes. Taking part live gives you more but if you can't make that time you can still register and access the content at any time after each session.

To register on the free online programme click here:

Once registered you will receive everything you need to get ready for the programme via your email account. It is easy, quick and convenient to do!

Watch this video and read below for more information

What is an online therapy programme?

An online therapy programme (also called a Webinar), is a live internet based way of connecting a therapist with a person receiving therapy. This means that the therapist can present therapy to an individual or a group of people in a safe online environment and can tailor the therapy to the needs of an individual or group at the time. During the webinar session, you will see the therapist via a live video link, in the corner of your screen. You will also see relevant information, images and explanatory notes on the screen. You cannot be seen at all.

You can interact in a conversation with the therapist via an online chat or discussion option, choosing whether you wish to do this anonymously or by revealing your name. The choice is yours.

At MTT, all of the live webinars/online therapy sessions are recorded and shared with you so that you can revisit what has been done after the session. You can also access the recordings for up to 12 months after their webinar programme has finished, if you require further help or support.

Overview of the Choosing Sleep four-week webinar programme


This Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) programme is delivered via Webinar. It enables people to lessen their psychological blocks associated with being over- preoccupied with sleep. Participants learn about sleep, they learn to sleep better and they stop worrying about how much sleep they get.

Programme approach:

Participants learn about theories and the science of sleep, they learn to sleep better by improving their sleep hygiene, by establishing better patterns of sleeping and waking, they also learn to use a range of techniques that support restful sleep. Above all however this evidence based approach enables people to stop worrying about how much sleep they get.

Aims and outcomes of the programme:

  • To understand the realities of sleep and all the catastrophic myths that surrounds it.
  • To use tools to calm your worrying mind.
  • To live more in the now rather than worrying about past poor-quality sleep or how awful you will feel if you don’t sleep.
  • To notice and let go of the scripts in your head that remind you that you can’t sleep or that constantly remind you of how many hours that you have left to sleep.
  • To manage the emotions that keep you awake at night such as the frustration, guilt, despair and fear associated with not sleeping.
  • To accept that the feelings you may get just before going to bed of a fast beating heart, a tight chest or a knot in the stomach does not decree that you are going to have another bad night.
  • To smile at and ignore the unhelpful urges to get up from your bed, to have a drink of alcohol and/or take more medication.
  • To shift your focus towards getting back to living your life again rather than struggling with your sleep.
  • To manage any accompanying factors that could be affecting your sleep such as excessive daytime stress, anxiety, depression and tinnitus, as well as any dietary or exercise problems.

Target group:

  • People with sleep problems
  • People who worry about their sleep.

Participants will have access to the MTT Client Portal and all supporting programme resources including Webinar slides, home practice resources and a recording after the Webinar session.

We hope that you enjoy your MTT Webinar programme and that our therapeutic support helps you to learn and develop suitable coping skills so that you can live your life to the fullest.