Self Esteem Courses

Self Esteem Course

The Self Esteem group is currently held twice a year, NHS funded and free to attend. The groups meet for 8 weekly evening sessions, which are held in Cambridge.

Requirements of group members:

  • Be willing to commit to the eight meetings
  • Be willing to be open and honest, and to participate in all group work
  • Be willing to put learning into practice between sessions
  • To keep confidentiality and give respect to all group members

What to expect from the course:

It is normal sometimes to feel a bit out of step with the world, however if you think that your feelings of self worth are often lower than those around you it may be helpful to examine this in more depth. People who have attended past groups have said that the sharing of the experience has helped with understanding that having a good self image is not the same as being conceited or selfish; sharing the experience means that participants can be a great support to one another in challenging negative beliefs.

The course will cover issues such as:

What does it mean to have feelings of low self worth?

How might this affect our lives and our choices?

What might be the triggers for thinking less of ourselves and how do we move our thinking on?

We aim to:

  • Support you within a cooperative environment
  • Help you to develop skills to improve your feelings of self worth
  • Help you to recognise negative patterns and challenge them
  • Focus on improving communication and assertiveness skills

To ask about the group:

You can contact us by leaving your contact details on our confidential answer phone: 01223 425419 or via our Contact us page. You can also be referred via your GP or by another IAPT service. We will let you know when the next group is likely to take place. The group leaders will contact you a few weeks before the group begins in order to arrange a discussion about what the course offers and whether it is likely to meet your needs. If not, other possibilities - for example having one to one counselling first - will be discussed with you.