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Friends to Host Adult Spelling Bee

posted Jan 26, 2017, 1:31 PM by Lawrence County Public Library   [ updated Jan 26, 2017, 2:05 PM ]
The Friends of the Lawrence County Public Library located in Moulton, Alabama is sponsoring an Adult Spelling Bee on 28th February 2017, 6:30 pm to raise funds for the Library. As you may be aware---local budgetary cuts mean we must reach out to our communities to help fund our library. The library appreciates the help and support you have given in the past.

We are inviting organizations and groups such as yours to sponsor a team of three or five adults (defined as 21 years and older). Your team{s} could be co-workers, family, or friends and multiple teams from the same organization are eligible. Entry fee is only $100/team. Register your team @

The public is invited to come and watch the tournament. This event promises great fun and entertainment for everyone. Thank you for your generosity and we hope to see you there!

Rules of the Bee Hives
Friends of the Lawrence County Public Library – First Adult Spelling Bee 2017


Each team will consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of five players.
All members must be adults (21 yrs. And older). All teams must have registered and paid their entry fee ($100/team) prior to competing.

Competition Format

Teams will participate in rounds (swarms).
  1. Teams will spell in the order registered for the Bee. Placement in the Bee will be determined by the order in which a team goes out. IE: first to misspell a word gets last place, etc.
  2. MC/announcer pronounces word, gives definition, uses in a sentence, and pronounces word again. Teams may request alternate pronunciation.
  3. Team members collaborate on spelling the word.
  4. Words pronounced and defined as according to Oxford Concise Dict. Alternate pronunciation according to the “How to Speak Southern” book.
  5. These procedures and official rules govern the spelling bee. Disputes resolved by judges. No appeals, no pardons nor commuting of decisions awarded. Disputes resolved over the correct spelling, illegible handwriting, or any other question (no matter how good) –Judges’ decision is final.
Preliminary Rounds
  1. Each team allowed 30 seconds in which to spell and write word on board.
  2. Teams confer on spelling. Word must be written legibly, neatly, and as large as possible.
  3. All teams cease writing when timer is sounded and MC directs team display its spelling of word.
Hive (team) Elimination
  1. Teams’ failure to hold up board with word spelled in 30 sec counts as misspelled.
  2. Illegible or ambiguous writing counted misspelled.
  3. Erasing word before directed counted misspelled.
  4. Judges determine correct spelling. Judges inform team if word is correctly spelled.
  5. Use of a ‘Stress-Bee-lief’ card in order to remain in competition allowed.
  6. Each round is over when all teams had opportunity to spell a word. Rounds continue until two teams are left. Eliminated teams may throw their (vocal) support to another team but cannot help in spelling.

Teams may purchase Stress-bee-lief cards. Audience members or sponsors or teams may purchase them for a team. Each team will receive one card of each to purchase for use during the bee. Cards explained:

**Rebuzz  This one allows a team one misspelled word and avoid elimination. May purchase up to two.
*First Rebuzz $10.00      *Second Rebuzz $20.00
**Buzz-off   This is a pass on spelling a word. Two may be purchased.
*First Buzz-off  $10.00   *Second Buzz-off  $20.00
**Stinger  Allows a team to pass and choose another team who must try to spell the word passed. Only one stinger is allowed.
*Stinger  $50.00

Final Round Elimination

When only two teams remain:
  1. One team misspells, the other team has a chance at same word
  2. If second team spells word correctly, another word is given that same team. 
  3. This continues until one team spells word(s) correctly or both teams spell both words incorrectly.
  4. A max 3 rounds is played. No one declared winner.
To determine the winner==Five words are called out. Teams are given two minutes in which to write  the words on a piece of paper.  The team w/ most correct answers-- WINS.

Voting for Best Name/Costume

Vote for your favorite costume/name at a cost of 50 cents/vote. Max times to vote—6.
Voting ends when final elimination begins.