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Alabama Authors’ Evening: Peter Last & Stephen Dorning

posted Jul 26, 2014, 9:03 AM by Lawrence County Public Library

(Moulton, AL) – July 15, 2014 – The Lawrence County Public Library invites the public to an Alabama Authors’ Evening on Thursday, July 31st.  The featured authors will be local young adult author and Lawrence County Public Library patron, Peter Last, and Alabama science fiction author, Stephen Dorning.  The event will be from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Lawrence County Public Library. 

The authors’ will do selected readings and discuss their writing process.  Each author will have books for sale and will donate a portion of their sell to the Lawrence County Public Library.  As Last’s debut novel (paper version) does not go on sale until August 1, 2014, you can actually buy a copy at the event before it goes on sale in stores.

About Peter Last’s Guardians of Magessa from

Senndra, Josiah, and their comrades are all that stand between a massive dwarf army and total annihilation of their country, Magessa. Facing horrific odds, the young cadets have no hope of defeating the invading horde. It will take everything they have to stave off the inevitable slaughter, but personal conflict, physical challenge, and internal struggle are their enemies. Will they be able to maintain their faith, overcome their trials, and find the strength to realize themselves as the Guardians of Magessa?

About Peter Last from

Peter M. Last was very nearly born in an elevator and has continued to be unconventional ever since. He is the sixth child in a large family and has had a conservative upbringing by Yankee parents living in the south. Despite having been homeschooled from kindergarten until twelfth grade, Peter has an expansive social life and has never been locked in a closet. He began writing his first novel, Guardians of Magessa, at the age of eleven, receiving great encouragement from his family in the form of compliments such as “Your book is actually not that bad!” Now, many years and several massive rewrites later, Peter is finally ready to release his brilliant work to the world. He is currently slogging his way through college, doggedly working toward a degree in Civil Engineering and promising himself he will have more time next semester. In the little spare time he has, Peter writes a blog where he posts short stories, reviews books and movies, and addresses a mixture of serious and absurd topics, from global warming to pencil sharpeners. Peter’s other hobbies include drawing, dabbling in amateur film directing, and discharging powerful firearms at shooting ranges. Between school, his social life, and his hobbies, Peter has been forced to cut back on unnecessary activities such as sleeping. At present, he is busy with his series, The Birthright Chronicles, of which Guardians of Magessa is the first.

About Stephen Dorning’s Alongrid Knights from

In the distant future, fugitive mass murderer, Jared Saniska has chosen to negotiate with demons on behalf of the human race. Ancient knowledge and boundless powers lie almost within his grasp when he inadvertently starts a chain reaction, unraveling the bonds that have held the minions of evil for millennia. Now, Mason and his friends must race against time to reseal the locks that bind the hordes of hell. If they fail, it could mean the end of everything!

About Stephen Dorning:

In the latter months of the year 2010, a writing competition was held in the Blunt County, and surrounding areas, of Alabama.  The Winner of this competition was to have his or her book published through Fifth Estate Publishing, a small company that prints authors by invitation only.  Stephen Dorning won that competition with his first book Stars of the Kanri, a story that was a mixture of faith and science fiction.  Since then, Stephen has written two more books set in the same universe, Spheres of the Ryk-tar and Folly of Man.  Stephen’s latest work, Alongrid Knights has been described as, “Same Spade meets Lord of the Rings.”  His works have been included in such anthologies as Clockwork Spells & Magical Bells, A Tall Ship, A Star and Plunder, and Worlds of Faith.  Stephen was born and raised in the rural area of Blountsville, Alabama, where he lives with his wife, Vicki and his family.  You can find more info on his work at, and at

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