Vicki Bulisco

Deputy Chief Probation Officer

Pretrial Services Supervisor


Sarah McCowin

Pretrial Services Officer



The Lawrence County Pretrial Services (LCPTS) mission is to increase court appearance and support public safety by promoting pretrial success through court notifications, compliance and monitoring of release conditions, risk based supervision, and integration of services.



 Lawrence County Pretrial Services (LCPTS) was established in September 2015 by Administrative Order of President Judge Dominick Motto. The department officially launched in January 2016 offering services to defendants who have not yet reached a disposition to their pending charges in the Court of Common Pleas of Lawrence County.

 The primary function of LCPTS is to enforce stipulations ordered by a judicial authority as it relates to pretrial release conditions. Once released, defendants are instructed to report electronically or in-person to LCPTS. All conditions ordered and enforced are to ensure that the defendant appears to all scheduled court hearings until final case disposition, and to assist in safeguarding the public.

 The target population of LCPTS are defendants with pending criminal cases in Lawrence County that have been ordered by the Court to participate in the Pretrial Supervision program.