You have been placed on supervision with the Adult Probation and Parole Department of Lawrence County.  You will be in the legal custody of the Lawrence County Adult Probation and Parole Department until the expiration of your sentence or further Order of the Court. The Adult Probation and Parole Department has the authority at any time during this period, in case of a violation by you of the conditions of supervision, to detain you and to make a recommendation to the Court, which may result in the revocation of your sentence and your commitment to a penal or correctional institution to serve your sentence.
1. You will report as required in person, by telephone, in writing and/or by e-mail as instructed by the Adult Probation Staff.  Reporting hours are between 8:00am and 3:00pm.
2. You are not to change your address without prior permission of your officer.  You must provide the department your correct address and telephone number with in 72 hours.  No Pennsylvania resident shall move to another State without prior permission from your Probation Officer and prior approval from the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision.

3. You will comply with all municipal, county, state, and federal criminal laws as well as the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code and the Pennsylvania Liquor Code.  You must notify your Probation Officer/Staff within 72 hours of any arrest, receipt of summons, citation, or investigation by any law enforcement agency and/or your participation with any law enforcement agency as a Confidential Informant. 
4. You will make every effort to obtain and maintain employment and support your dependents.  If there is a change in your job or financial status, you must notify your Probation Officer/Staff within 72 hours.
5. You will not travel overnight outside of Lawrence County or the community to which you have been placed on supervision, as defined by your officer, without an approved travel permit. 
6. You are not to purchase, possess, discharge, or have any contact with any firearm or other deadly/offensive weapon.  Hunting is prohibited.
7. You will abstain from the unlawful possession, use, or sale of narcotics and dangerous, illegal drug(s) and abstain from the use of controlled substance(s) within the meaning of the Controlled Substance, Drug Device, and Cosmetic Act without a valid prescription.  You verify valid prescriptions with your Probation Officer/Staff as directed.    You will submit to testing of your blood, breath, urine, sweat and/or hair to determine use/abuse of drugs, alcohol and/or mind/mood altering chemical/substances.  Refusal to submit to a requested test, unable to provide a urine sample by the close of business, or leaving the Adult Probation Office or its property will be deemed a violation and an admission of your use of prohibited drugs/substances.  You will be responsible for the payment of any such ordered tests/fees.  

8. You will pay all cost, fines, restitution and fees which you owe.  You will arrange a payment plan with the Collections Department to pay all cost, fines, restitution and fees in full.   
9. You are not permitted to consume, purchase, transport, or possess any alcoholic beverages.  You are not permitted to enter any establishment that serves or sells alcoholic beverages unless authorized by the staff.  If you are on supervision for a non-alcohol related offense and/or you have not been referred to Drug and Alcohol for an assessment, consult with your probation officer.  
10. You will comply with the conditions of your Court Order and/or any special conditions, which may be imposed by the Adult Probation Office.  You will abide by any and all verbal or written instruction(s) of the department and/or your Probation Officer/Staff.  A curfew may be imposed.  You must cooperate and participate in any type of education, training, evaluation, and/or counseling which may be recommended by your Probation Officer/Staff.  If you enroll in treatment or counseling on your own, you must notify your officer immediately and sign a confidential release of information with your treatment provider.  You will remain in the program until released by your Probation Officer/Staff or until successful completion of the program.  You must verify your attendance/participation.  
11. You will refrain from any assaultive and/or threatening behavior.