In India law related to women have been amended many times after  independence. In our country status of women is not in a good position. our society is a male dominated society. In every sphere of life women are victims in one way or other. This is mainly because they are ignorant about their lawful rights.The constitution of India have every mean to protect its citizen. That is why our constitution is the best.Our constitution is not gender biased. Men & women have equal rights.They are equal in the eyes of law. There is no discrimination on the basis of sex .
This site is a small and humble effort to help women to know their rights which can be further protected by themselves without the  help of law agencies.Although there are a number of laws in this regard but these laws are useless if we do not know them or practice to use them for our safety.The complex process in the judiciary is another factor which is a hinderance for the welfare of citizens mainly of women.
If there were an easy way to get to our rights then only we can hope for a secure society.This site is an effort to help and alert women for thier rights which can be achieved without the help of legal practioner that also bearing miner expences.Women can themselves present the petition without hiring any lawyer and without any professional law degree and fight their case in a far better way.Technical tips and details which are necessary to draft a petition to be presented in the court are given in this site . One can easily put ones case in the Famly Court. Our sole purpose is that women should protect their rights themselves.There is no need to seek help out side. Once again it is to be clarified that knowing our rights gives us confidence to lead our family life in a better way . Family life is to be protected and the sanctity of family life is to be saved. This is only possible when men and women hold equal postion. They are the two wheels of the same chariot. One wheel of this chariot should not be weak. Our purpose is to give strength to the weaker side for a better family life.

Narinder kumar sarin, Advocate

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