Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Kristin is highly regarded by the bench and her peers and has 22 years' experience as a trial lawyer.  She also serves frequently as an arbitrator and engages in many mediations, thus Kristin has great expertise and insight into getting cases resolved without the expense of trial. Her goal is always to find the most effective and efficient way to resolve disputes.  

Kristin's litigation expertise is primarily in the areas of general business and commercial disputes, conflicts among partnerships, real estate law, disputed probates and guardianships, construction matters and personal injuries.  Kristin has argued and won cases before the Court of Appeals, United States District Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Personal Injury

Kristin represents clients in all types of personal injury matters including motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, construction accidents and premises liability claims. Her most recent settlement in a motor vehicle accident was over $200,000.  If you are injured, it is important to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible, to enhance your chances of obtaining a fair and complete recovery for your injuries.  Kristin believes that litigation should be the last resort, reserved for the most serious cases. 

However, if your case does need to go to trial, Kristin has significant trial experience.  Your case will be handled competently by Kristin, who will diligently represent you from the beginning of insurance negotiations with the insurance adjusters to thoroughly preparing your case for trial and taking it to trial, if necessary.  

Employment Law

Kristin counsels and advises employers and employees in areas ranging from workplace policy to separation of employment issues.  She has engaged with  individual and small business clients to both plan policy and personnel changes, as well as to negotiate when a particular event has occurred in a client's work or business life.  

While litigation is best avoided, Kristin has the experience and expertise to guide employers or employees through the adversarial process to obtain a good outcome whether the setting is an administrative proceeding, mediation, arbitration, or in court.  

Estate Planning/Probate

Having the tools in place to ensure that your property passes as you wish upon your death provides not only peace of mind, but is essential for efficient estate administration.  Kristin assists clients with all of the documents appropriate to carry out their estate planning goals: Wills, Trusts, Community Property Agreements, Pre-Nuptial Agreements and other marital agreements.  

Your estate planning package should also include powers of attorney, giving persons of your choosing the authority to make certain decisions, including financial and healthcare decisions on your behalf, if you become unable to do so. Directives to physicians (living wills) should also be prepared to address your desires regarding use of  "extraordinary means" to prolong your life.  

Upon the death of a loved one, Kristin can also assist the surviving spouse, children, personal representative or trustee in carrying out the  administration of the decedent's estate.  Her goal is always to ensure that the estate is managed not only in compliance with applicable legal requirements, but also as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.  

Real Estate/Landlord Tenant Law

Kristin is experienced  in handling all aspects of purchases,  sales and leasing of residential and commercial properties. Complemented by her litigation practice, Kristin is also well-versed  in handling lease disputes and enforcement issues. Kristin has handled numerous residential and commercial evictions, primarily for landlords.  


If your loved one is incapable of handling his or her affairs and there is no power of attorney, you must petition the court to be appointed the guardian of the person and/or the estate. Guardianships are frequently contested and Kristin has experience filing the petition, working with the guardian ad litem and making sure that you are appointed guardian in the most efficient and stress-free manner.  

Sealing Juvenile Records/Vacating Misdemeanors

In certain circumstances, your past criminal history can be sealed or expunged.  Kristin has experience doing this for many clients.  If this is important to you for job reasons or other reasons, you should schedule an appointment with Kristin.