Atlanta Lawn Care Services

Atlanta lawn care services


Atlanta lawn care services


As soon as you've created your suitable exterior area and selected the perfect dirt and lawn for the location, just how are you to maintain it looking its best?
Adhere to these basic actions and maintain a regular maintenance routine to avoid having a plain, weed ravaged lawn ever once more!

A number of these strategies are best applied on a fall lawn and in the springtime, permitting the lawn the very best possibility to repair and expand throughout the Summer.


These pesky things can avoid development by obstructing air and nutrients from reaching the origins.


These can appear anywhere as there are a lot of methods they can be brought right into the garden, by birds flying over, pet dogs and various other pets strolling throughout the lawn or perhaps on your apparel and shoes.

Lawn weeds can expand as either seed heads or blossoms, with a variety of types that are usual in lawns.

The most convenient option is to take out the entire weed, origins consisted of. This can be done by hand or using a device, however if there is a big quantity try spraying the weeds directly with a low poisoning herbicide.


This is a layer of natural issue that can develop between the leaves and the dirt, consisting of dead leaves, lawn and origin stems.

The develop creates a blockage, preventing necessary dampness and nutrients from penetrating the dirt and down to the origins.

These locations are easy to identify as the ground itself will certainly have a mushy feel and the lack of nutrients will certainly trigger plain, dead patches on the lawn.

The best option to eliminate thatch is with a procedure called scarification, which is the process of raking and eliminating mulch from the lawn. There are a selection of tools available, including a lawn scarifier, that will certainly help with this process.


Mosses are non flowering plants that can trigger the worst of lawn problems. They flourish in locations that have excess dampness, color and poor quality lawn.
If left undiscovered or unattended the degree of moss will certainly increase, reducing the grasses ability to expand. The preliminary conditions that allow for it to establish consist of:

- Shade
- Clay within the dirt
- Poor water drainage
- High amounts of thatch
- Drought

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