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Filling F.I.R. Help

Legal advise for filling F.I.R.:- 

If  you are trying to file F.I.R. in a  Police station but the  station officer is  not ready to lodge  F.I.R. then don't worry here’s the solution:
Firstly check whether  your application for filling the F.I.R., is correct & also contains  all the necessary contents as well as the following-

1-At the top of the application give the address of the Police Station or concerned authority for example-

The Station officer/Competent authority,
Police station_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _,
District-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _,
(fill in the blanks with the applicable information )

2-Write your full name & age with S/O or W/O or D/O (whichever  is applicable), your residence or approach address with area police station (your area police station’s address) & district name.

3-Write full story about the incident but try to be precise as possible.

4-Give full particulars of the people involved such as : full name & age with S/O or W/O or D/O (whichever  is applicable),residence or approach address with area police station(if you have) for filling case against accused/related person. Please note that, if you do not know any or some information, mention clearly that you do not know. For eg: in an extortion case if you do not know the people involved then you should mention that, some unknown people have done the incident.   

5-Give five facts called as five golden W’s- 1-Who, 2-When, 3-Why, 4-Where, 5-What,in your letter for filling F.I.R.

6-At the end of your application request to “lodge F.I.R. & take necessary action"

7-Don't forget to take the certified
copy of your F.I.R from the Police Station which they should provide free of cost.


If you have given above all the necessary information but the concerned Police Officer is still refusing to lodge the F.I.R. then click below link:-