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Why Use Us!

We perform SEO for law firms only because we believe specializing as deep as possible benefits you, our clients. In order for us to succeed we should set your gains before ours, we demand you to be happy to work with us, and the only way that can occur is if we deliver on our word. We understand your business is important to you so we treat all work that we do on your site as if it were ours. Our goal is to bring you more customers so that your firm can make more money and help more people.

How The Proccess Works


We’ll get straight to the point. Once you fill out our discovery form, we’ll examine your website (assuming you have one) and determine whether or not it has penalties. We’ll find out which keywords we need to target that will bring your company the best value. We'll then forward you a personalized video analysis of our plan for getting your business the online exposure it deserves.


In our first report we'll send you the statistics of what you’re ranking for and where you stand trust wise according to Google. We’ll get started right away on implementing our plan. We don’t just want to get you on the first page, so our methods are more geared for the long term. Like anything, this requires patience and time to build trust.


You should see significant improvements to your site’s rankings within 30-60 days (not necessarily page 1 just yet) and overall SEO score. Then we’ll continue to improve and optimize your site and keep up with Google’s standards so that you can reap the benefits of ranking on page one of Google for the long run.

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What To Look For                                                                                                                                            

In order to hire the right firm who knows how to perform solid SEO for law firms, you're going to need a basic understanding and know what to look out for. First red flag in hiring a firm is a company with no rankings of their own. If they can't show you one competitive page 1 ranking, obviously they're unlikely to do that for you. Another thing to look for is someone who's transparent, they don't have to go into all the complicated stuff that goes into SEO work but they should be able to give you a basic understanding of the game plan.

There are certain things that are essential in SEO. Proper keyword research is one, make sure they set the proper expectations of exactly what they can rank you for. If they tell you they can rank for personal injury lawyer in 3 months, run away fast. SEO is a complicated and long term approach. There's no way Google is going to allow a brand new site to rank that quickly for such a competitive term. The more competitive terms take as long as a year to rank in many cases.

As a law firm, I'm sure you have an aggressive approach when winning cases for your clients, so it's okay to find a company who aggressively ranks your site as well. Just be sure they aren't over aggressive and send massive links all at once to your site. SEO requires a calculated and patient approach to rank long term. And that's what you want isn't it? To be on page 1 for the long term? I mean, people are only going to continue to use Google to find products and services as time goes on.

Also make sure your lawyer SEO company speaks in a way where they build trust with Google versus manipulating Google. Manipulation only lasts so long, and you can do SEO correctly without manipulation involved.