Triplane 3D

Triplane Turmoil is a plane game based on the WWI that I could play thenks to a demo in a PC magazine in 1997. It resulted to be so addictive that I still play so often.
Triplane 3D is a customized remake of this game, I began to develope it in 2002 and I "finished" its development in 2004. The game engine is complete (physics, extra abilities, artificial intelligence, etc.) but it has only one map: Forest, taken directly from the original game and remade from the scratch with 3D graphics by me.

Triplane 3D

It was developed using Blitz3D, so this game runs under DirectX 7 and it only works on Windows (and, if you're lucky, using Linux and Wine).

You can download it from the Download section.

Here you have a lot of in-game screenshots, I hope you like them :)