Mars Runaway

It's been a while but here it is: Mars Runaway, the game created by the GRK Team that won the 1st prize on the Mobigame 2007 contest (University of Alcalá) in the Java J2ME category.

This game combines two genres: a small space simulator based on Moon Lander and a horizontal shooter game. The story takes place on Mars and is divided in 5 levels.

The game is noted for its huge addictivity and the simplicity of its targets that guarantee fun since the very first moment, growing gradually in difficulty to offer new challenges to the player.

Mars Runaway has a realistic physics engine with very accurate collisiones. In addition, the enemies shows a very flexible behaviour and each level has an specific map using entire images in order to improve the graphic quality. All of this features were achieved without suffering performance slowdowns even in the oldest devices.

The game has been released in conjunction with its source code under the
GNU GPL. Enjoy it :-)

Mars Runaway

Download links:

Mars Runaway (Source Code + Binaries + Documentation for the Contest)
Presentation created to be exposed at the Contest (Microsoft PowerPoint format)

Links of interest:

University of Alcalá de Henares (UAH) website
Mobigame contest official website

Game images: