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Poem: Touch of Grace for Jodi at James Cancer Center

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Touch of Grace
I've heard that expression many many times A name of a shop; a gift bouquet sometimes.
But your hands give new meaning to an expression gone cliche I'll remember all your kindness and words you had to say.
I dreaded making this appointment; fear filled my heart.
Your gentle, easy manner eased me from the start.
Now I feel so assured; confident in what will come.
You've relieved the anguish; that and then some!
So now I pause to thank you for your winning ways.
Thanks for all your kindness; you have skill that pays.
I thank you for the service and the smile on your face.
I know your given name but I call you Touch of Grace.
For Jodi at the James Cancer Center
Dave Lucas @ Law Co Health & Wellness,
Sep 1, 2012, 8:56 PM