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    Poem: Trees From My Window for James Cancer Center)

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    Trees From My Window
    By David M. Lucas
    Breeze lifts the tree limbs,
    She beckons me to play;
    "Come outside and catch us
    Hear what Wind will say."
    Echoes from the ancients
    Ride on all the leaves.
    They whisper of their secrets
    Dancing as they please.
    The scene seems so inviting
    I want to race outside.
    But I must here stay seated
    I've important work inside.
    Maybe if I'm successful,
    And Healing does appear
    Then I will climb those branches
    And draw the leaves so near.
    I'll smell nature's fragrance
    And join in the dance.
    Capturing in that moment
    Life's hope, joy and romance.
    James Cancer Center 
    Dave Lucas @ Law Co Health & Wellness,
    Sep 1, 2012, 9:13 PM