Law and Order Conference

February 2-3, 2013

University of California, San Diego

All the talks will take place in room 7077 of the Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) building (7th floor).

If you would like to attend, please contact Alex Marcellesi ()

SATURDAY (February 2) (15 min coffee breaks between talks)

        Chair: Joyce Havstad (UCSD)

    9-9:15                    Introduction by Eleonora Montuschi (LSE/Ca' Foscari)

    9:15-10:45              Jenann Ismael (Arizona) - "On whether the atemporal conception of the world is also a-modal"

    11:00-12:30            Carl Hoefer (ICREA/UAB) - "Fundamentalism: Still true"

    12:30-1:30              Lunch (pick-up your lunch box in the departmental lounge, HSS 7076)

        Chair: Sharon Crasnow (Norco College)

    1:30-3:00                Christian Wüthrich (UCSD) - "Should the actual be possible?"

    3:15-4:45                Mariam Thalos (Utah) - “Scale freedom in action”

    5-6:30                     Craig Callender & Jonathan Cohen (UCSD) - “Building a better system”

SUNDAY (February 3) (15 min coffee breaks between talks)

        Chair: Robert Bishop (Wheaton College)

    9:15-9:30                 Introduction by Nancy Cartwright (UCSD/Durham)

    9:30-11:00                Anjan Chakravartty (Notre Dame) - “Lawlike kinds and pluralistic order”

    11:15-12:45              Bas van Fraassen (SFSU) - "Voluntarism in epistemology, the concept of evidence, and strategies for belief change"