Technical requirements - click here

What computer skills you need

 You need to have regular access, at least three times a week, to the internet.  If you do not have a computer at home, there are computer labs on the KCC campus. You also need to make sure that the computer you use is reliable and can open the various types of files used in the course.  If you were taking this course in a face-to-face classroom, the campus would be responsible for ensure your computer worked; as you have chosen an online course, which is more convenient for the student, you have the responsibility to ensure that your computer works with the course materials. 

Firefox is the browser recommended by Laulima tech support. You may run into problems taking tests or posting to the discussion boards with any other browser, or with your smartphone.  While you can experiment with other browsers or a smartphone in viewing the course materials, only submit graded work (quizzes, discussion boards, assignments) on a desktop computer in a Firefox browser. Don't have Firefox on your computer? Download it here:

All of our materials will be posted on Laulima, the college's course management system.  Our site will be live a week prior to the beginning of the semester. You log in with your UH username and password. Click here to visit Laulima

You will need to be able to open .pdfs.  Here's a link to a sample copy of our syllabus so you can test your computer. 
If you can't open the file, here's a link to the free Adobe Reader.

You also have to be able to either send me your assignment as a Microsoft Word document, or as a .pdf if you have another brand of word processor.  I made a short video to show you how to save a word processing document as a .pdf file.

Most of the lectures are delivered by narrated PowerPoint or video.  Click on the links below to check to make sure that your computer can watch and listen to videos. The first link is to a video, and the second link is to a narrated PowerPoint. Make sure you can view and hear both.

Sample video: Click and watch

This is a different type of file than the video immediately above, so make sure that you can watch both.

Let me know that you're all set for LAW 141, Spring 2013!