Disquotation and Infinite Conjunctions, forthcoming in Erkenntnis, in collaboration with Thomas SchindlerPDF

Minimalism, Reference, and Paradoxes, The Logica Yearbook 2015Pavel Arazim and Michal Dancak (eds.), College Publications, London, 2016, 163-178 | PDF

Notes on ω-inconsistent theories of truth in second-order languages, The Review of Symbolic Logic 6 (2013), 733-741, in collaboration with Eduardo Barrio | PDF

Yablo’s Paradox in Second-Order Languages: Consistency and Unsatisfiability, Studia Logica 101 (2013), 601-617 | PDF

The Old-Fashioned Yablo Paradox, Análisis Filosófico 32 (2012) 21-29 | PDF

La Inocencia del Deflacionismo (The Innocence of Deflationism), Manuscrito 33 (2010) 425-443 | PDF

Ketland vuelve a la carga (Ketland rides again), Cuadernos de Filosofía 51 (2009) 117-123 | PDF

Chapters in books

La Paradoja de Yablo (Yablo's Paradox), in Paradojas, Paradojas y más Paradojas (Paradoxes, Paradoxes, and more Paradoxes), Eduardo Barrio (ed.), College Publications, London, 2014 | PDF

La Teoría Revisionista de la Verdad (The Revisionist Theory of Truth), in La Lógica de la Verdad (The Logic of Truth), Eduardo Barrio (ed.), Eudeba, Buenos Aires, 2014, 117-186, in collaboration with Natalia Buacar | PDF

Under review

Reference in Arithmetic, 33 pages, Review of Symbolic LogicPDF

Disquotation and Infinite Conjunctions, 31 pages, with Thomas Schindler, ErkenntnisPDF

Work in progress

Classical and nonclassical axiomatizations of complete Kripke fixed-point models 

Alethic Reference and Disquotationalism

Deflationism Revisited,  with Thomas Schindler


PhD: Verdad. Deflacionismo, Referencia y Paradojas (Truth. Deflationism, Reference, and Paradoxes) | PDF

BA/MA: La Paradojicidad de la Paradoja de Yablo (The Paradoxicality of Yablo's Paradox) | PDF

Teaching material

Lógica I - Guía de Ejercicios | PDF

Lógica, Metalógica y Metametalógica, Oficina de Publicaciones de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Buenos Aires, 2013 (with Paula Teijeiro) | PDF


Editorial and Interview with Roy T. Cook, The Reasoner 10 (1), January 2016, 99-102 | PDF

Abstract "Reference and Self-reference in first-order Peano Arithmetic'', Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 20 (2014) 241.

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