‘Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.’

John F. Kennedy

I am a researcher in mathematical logic currently working as a postdoc in the Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Since 2020 I am also employed as software developer in Swedish company Nexus Group.

Recently I joined the fathers club, happy to be there! I believe in goodness and harmony, I practice Tai Ji, Qi Gong, and the art of Philosophy.

In my research I am mostly focused on non-classical logics using the tools of algebraic logic. I am also interested in the question of mathematical foundations: set theory, type theory, and category theory and their application in automated proof checking. I received my PhD in Logic at the Department of Logic of Charles University in Prague in 2018. My studies were supervised by Carles Noguera.

You can contact me at lavicka.thomas at gmail.com