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My students have voted Pear Deck as one of funnest tools.  Not only is it engaging, but it has also balanced whole-group instruction with active learning and formative assessments.  Just as well, it is easy to create and conveniently accessible from your Google Drive.  Export students responses in Google sheet format and store all your sessions on a designated folder.

Free Drawing Slide

Teacher's can find creative uses for Pear Deck's Free Drawing Slide: graphing, map routes, diagrams, art, etc...  Here is an example of what my students drew when asked to interpret the story's main idea in my Spanish Language Arts class.

Free-text Response Slide

With Free-text Response slides, teachers can ask open ended questions and all students can be heard.  The following example includes a Free-text Response with peer feedback based on individual classroom presentations.  Students can follow a rubric, evaluate, and provide feedback via Pear Deck.  Given the option of anonymity, students are more willing to be honest and provide helpful feedback.  Furthermore, it is one of the quickest and easiest ways to create an Exit Ticket at the end of a lesson.  It can be used to allow students to voice their concerns about a lesson or activity or to assess their knowledge about a new concept learned in class. 

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