Quiz2 tips

use apt-get and aptitude interchangeably

Week 7 (3 points each):
1- What is the control/configuration file for apt-get
2- What is the format of this file and what do the fields mean?
3- What do apt-get update and apt-get upgrade do?
4- What does apt-cache dump do?
5- What is the control file for ntp and what is ntp for?

Week 8 (1.5 points each):
1- What is the difference between a program and process?
2- What are the names of the first two processes (pid 0 and pid1)
3- What is a process ID?
4- Which is the control/configuration file for initialization?
5- How many run levels and what is each one for?
6- What is the basic command to view processes?
7- What do you have to do to stop a running foreground job and send it to the background
8- What is the difference of kill and killall command? What is the surest way to kill a process?
9- What is at for?
10- What is cron for?

Week 9 (3 points each):
1- Which is the bootloader most commonly used?
2- What is in MBR with this bootloader?
3- What is the name of the configuration file for this bootloader and where is it located?
4- In this configuration file how many major parts/sections exist and what are their names?
5- What is the keyword used to identify a bootable section in the second part of the configuration file?