Grading and exams

The final grade is a compostie of the following:

LabSim tests


Several mini quizzes


Two quizzes




Final exam




NOTE: 5 - 20 question mini quizzes at the end of each class. Each mini quiz has a maximum point value of 100. All these points will be added together and divided by the total number of mini quizzes, 10% of which counts towards the final grade as shown in table above.

Quiz 1:                   covers weeks 1-3
Mid Term:               covers weeks 1 - Mid Term
Quiz 2:                   covers weeks from Mid Term to quiz2
Final:                     covers all weeks 

Grade      Range
A              90-100
B              80-89
C              70-79
D              60-69
F              00-59

Grades Running Total (GRT):
A running total is accumulated for each student for the grades they receive throughout the course. These are the grades for quizzes, midterm, class participation, LabSim assignments, etc. all added together.

The higher running totals are a very good indication of the effort put in the class by the students. Basically a very good metric for overall performance of each student.

Experience shows that this method is a very quick way of determining how each student is doing in the class. However, GRT has not direct effect on the final grade.

Extra Credit:
There are no extra credits. If student is falling behind, please discuss the issues with the instructor.

Note: Highest GRT does not necessarily mean grade A.

NOTE: If final exam is missed, there are NO make up tests or exams. Final grade will be calculated without it.