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Welcome To Linux Operating System class: CSIT834 at LAVC (Los Angeles Valley College).

The purpose of this site is to augment the live classes and provide a platform for the instructor to post information, such as homeworks, etc., for the students.

The purpose of the class is to train students in working with the Linux Operating System as users/administrators to such a level that the student has the knowledge, the know-how (both theoretically and experientially) and the confidence to pursue Linux Certification on their own.

On a scale of 1 (novice) - 100 (expert), the level of this course is between 1 - 8 (10-12 being the level for 1st level certification), the student needs to make up the difference by studying on their own using various sources of material that are readily available.

This course is introductory to mid level intermediate.

This course does not cover the theory and design of Operating Systems.

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