Welcome to the English Learner Program Online Accountability System! 
The information requested through the online accountability system will be collected and saved by the Multilingual & Multicultural Education Department (MMED), in accordance with Federal and State mandates.  This information is to be completed by the school-site Principal and English Learner (EL) Coordinator/Designee.  All accountabilities that must be uploaded will be identified in red font.  Please upload word documents only.
Also, all accountabilities must be certified by the school-site Principal.  Upon completion of each accountability, you will be prompted to print information to keep on file for documentation purposes.
The submission calendar can be found on the left column.  Please choose the appropriate calendar for your school site. 

For questions or additional information, please contact Frances Esparza, Specialist, at the Multilingual and Multicultural Education Unit at 213-241-5582.

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