more on search strategies and the database...

When most people search the Internet, it is like throwing spaghetti at the wall. Some might stick and if you are real lucky a few pieces might land in your mouth. The correct and skilled use of Boolean operators and other search strategies requires some knowledge, thought and engagement with your topic.

You will show your completed, successful and correct search strategies, on your page.  We will go over this again, at the beginning of class, to give you another opportunity to "get" it.  

This is how to limit your search to the past year only, which is required for this assignment.

No abstracts, book reviews, conference, workshop announcements, advertisements allowed.  If an article is good, you will probably see that it is organized along the philosophy of "tell, tell. tell". Videos are allowed.

Microsoft -  We come out of the cloud again and use Attachments to safeguard your database in your portfolio.  Anytime you make a change, the database has to be downloaded and uploaded again. 

We will create a database in class. You will complete it as homework.

Once completed, your entries will be evaluated for inclusion in the class database.  The criteria for inclusion is discussed in class.  
  • Articles must meet a standard, 
  • be from within the last year, 
  • have an appropriate subtopic, 
  • all database fields correctly completed.  
  • No abstracts, advertisements, book reviews, conference, workshop announcements allowed.  
  • Link must point to full article. 
  • No duplicates allowed.  
It is in your best interest to complete this assignment on time and submit many extra articles in order to get full credit.

You must show your understanding and use of search strategy on your Nanotechnology page.

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