Weeks 7-8: Nanotechnology, Search Strategies, Databases,Reports

Instructions are given in class for you to:
  1. Create a page in your portfolio called Nanotechnology - Access Database
  2. Create an Access database, with required fields and properties.  Attach it to your nanotechnology page.
  3. Implement a successful search strategy, in Google, on Nanotechnology and your career field or an area of extreme interest, locating 10+ links to articles, from within the past year
  4. Drag the URL from your successful Google search “hit” list to your portfolio page showing your search strategy and use of the “last year only” feature. ( I will click on and check your search strategy link while evaluating your portfolio. ) 
  5. Copy and paste 10+ hyperlinks and other required fields from articles, that meet the criteria for this assignment., to your database,  
  6. Re-save and re-attach your database to the bottom of your page.
  7. Download and open your database, each time you attach it, to insure that what you think you attached is what you attached (Trust me on this one. It will save you from having to re-do much work.
Instructions are given in class for you to: 
  1. Come to class with all your articles and its fields correctly entered in your database
  2. Your database will be verified by its successful merging with the databases of other students
  3. Once verified, create a report, using the report wizard according to instructions.
  4. Modify your report so that it looks like the examples
  5. Save the report as a PDF and embed it in your portfolio
  6. Attach your final database, including the report, to the bottom of your portfolio page
ollowing are examples of search strategies.  They must be date qualified to be from the last year only. Notice that they are clickable links and yours must be done the same way.  Using Chrome, you will drag your search strategy to your page from the URL of your search.  Notice that you can click on them and it will reproduce your search.

Alternative terms to nanotechnology for your search strategy:

Create a list of  10 (minimum) unique links, from the last year only, on a particular area of Nanotechnology that will affect your work and career.  You must use appropriate Boolean Search Strategies and drag your search strategies onto your Nanotechnology links page. Your search strategies need to include the following:
  1. synonym (~) or (OR)
  2. NOT (-), 
  3. character string (" ")
  4. limit to the last year
  5. pearl  pearl growing "search strategy" - Google Search

The Pearl Strategy:

  1. Begin with a known relevant article (the pearl).
    If a known relevant article isn't available, conduct a high precision search limiting all terms to the title field.
  2. Search the database for that article's record.
  3. Review the descriptors (subject indexing) assigned to the record.
  4. Conduct a new search using the relevant descriptors from the pearl.
  5. Examine any new relevant records retrieved.
  6. Review the descriptors assigned to the new records.
  7. Conduct a new search using any additional relevant descriptors found in the new records.
  8. Repeat the process (steps 5-7) with additional relevant records until enough relevant material has been retrieved.
Pearl Search: inquiry on growing kidneys led to the phrase:

Your database should have at least 10 qualified links to articles. Miscellaneous examples follow:
The "group" database is attached at the bottom of this page.  I will update it as more assignments are correctly completed.
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Oct 14, 2011, 11:47 PM
Janette Molina Nano (2).accdb
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