Week 2 - Functional Resumes

A chronological resume says this is what I have done, therefore this is all I can do. 
A functional resume says these are my strengths, experience and interests, therefore this is what I can do. 

Welcome to Week Two of CIS105.

Please sit next to someone when you enter our classroom, in order to collaborate with each other. If you sit by yourself, you will be asked to move. This is an active class and you will usually be working on assignments. A requirement of this class is to give and receive help from others.

Remember that this is a survey class. This means that we cover many topics, with little depth. It is fast paced and we cover several competencies each week. You need to be there for every class to receive instructions and start an assignment. You will need to complete your assignments outside of class during your scheduled labwork time. Right after class is the best time to schedule labwork, as I remain after class, in order to help students.

Review: Week 1 Assessment

  1. Gmail account created for this class and entered into roster
  2. Portfolio created with correct title and shared with instructor
  3. Home page renamed to Resume
  4. Portfolio page for Calendar created, correctly spelled and capitalized.
  5. Calendar complete and embedded in portfolio; has 2 hours CIS labwork scheduled per week; made public; turn off titles in properties
  6. Brief Strengths Test completed
  7. Resume started in Google Docs saved with the title format Firstname Lastname Resume, shared with anyone with the link
All students must know the precise titles of whatever degrees you are working towards and the name of your counselor or academic adviser.  Part of your lab work for this week is the following:

If you are clueless about what you want to study or what profession you want to be in, your assignment is to meet with an SMC counselor and start the process of getting valuable information about yourself.  

If you do not know the name of your academic adviser, or have never met with one, or you do not know the precise and full name of any degree you plan to work towards and relevant links; your assignment is to meet with an SMC academic adviser

Add/modify your resume as follows: 
  1. Objective Statement according to criteria:
  • (example)to earn scholarships and work my way through college;
  • to complete the following degrees at the following schools at the following dates ( you must research the proper title and capitalization for all degrees you intend to get, including likely year of completion;
  • Mission statement: how you will serve others through your profession
2. Reverse Chronology for experience
3. Reverse Chronology for education
4. No name or header, at this time

Make sharing setting anyone with the link
Insert your resume in your Resume page; uncheck the title in properties

Addition to Resume page:

Create a page(s) under your Resume page called Degree Requirements to display the Web pages with the official title of the degree you plan on getting and its requirements for completion.  We will go over this at the very beginning of class.  Please make sure you have met with your adviser and have the links ready prior to class. Add a  comment to your page with the name of your academic adviser or counselor.

Resumes from previous semesters can be found here:  Sample Portfolios from previous semesters

Create new page for Weekly Assessment; insert weekly assessment
Meet with advisor or counselor
Make sure all your pages and documents are visible
Complete the Resume Checklist: Resume Checklist - Laurita Moore CIS105 2011-2