Week 5 - System Development - PowerPoint

Create a new page in your portfolio named System Development PowerPoint.  You will embed your presentation on this page.

This presentation is to be done with Microsoft PowerPoint and must include transitions and animations.   Attach completed PowerPoint to the bottom of your page. Follow the instructions under Embed a PowerPoint and insert in your page after completion and reviewing criteria for the assignment.

Agile vs Traditional 

Agile vs. Traditional System Development
How do you eat an elephant?

Read the links from the Agile vs Traditional reading list until you understand it enough to produce a 10 point compare and contrast presentation.

Choose 10 points of comparison. Include intro and summary. (12 slide total)

Agile vs Traditional Table


  • Create a page in your portfolio called System Development PowerPoint
  • Create a PowerPoint titled with your first and last names followed by System Development
  • Choose a design and a layout that is appropriate for the topic and the content, comparison
  • Insert a footer with fixed date, slide number and document title on all slides
  • Create a balanced and aesthetically correct slide with the title Agile vs Traditional Development and a label for the agile side and the traditional slide
  • Center align and middle align text and images
  • Copy the slide or use a slide master to create 10 more identical slides
  • Slide 1 will have the Agile Model and Traditional Model side by side with accompanying text
  • Complete 10 slides with correct images and text for points of comparison
  • Use the same transition for all slides
  • Use animation and keep it simple; use it to enhance content, not distract from it; no gratuitous animation
  • Last slide, 12, will be a table with the 10 points of comparison summarized

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