Week 1 - Gmail; Calendars; Portfolios

To access this site, from the South Mountain Community College website, type Laurita in the search box and click on the link that says Laurita Moore.

Information Technology, at its core, is simply about the myriad of ways we "chunk" information.
    • You must do the following in order to succeed in this class 
      • Attend all classes
      • Do lab/homework every week before it is due
      • Get help, when you need it,  early in the week, the assignment is due
    • This class is like a job.  There are assignments you must complete each week in order to get paid (a weekly grade)
      When you do not attend class and complete lab/homework for the week, you do not get paid and eventually you get fired (withdrawn)
    • For the sake of your success, I remain after every class to assist all students in completing the week's assignment.  I urge you to stay.  Last semester a third of the students did not heed this recommendation and they did not pass the class.  Because of this and for your sake I will be strict with due dates.  There is an assignment due every single week, on Sunday.  There are no exams.  Your entire grade consists of your weekly assignments.  
    • Because CIS105 is a survey class, we cover many topics very quickly and not in depth.  The pace is fast and we cover several competencies in a class period.  If you need me to slow down, it is during the after class period when that will happen.  Weekly Assessment CIS105 Spring 2012   
    • There is no textbook for this class.
    • My sections of CIS105 do not use BlackBoard. 
    • Success requires 100% attendance
    • Success requires outside of class labwork to complete assignments
    • Collaborate, provide and receive help from other students
  1. Create a new Gmail account specifically for this class.  This account is for CIS105 and other professional uses, and is not your Maricopa account.  Use the following format for your new gmail address: Firstname.Lastname.cis@gmail.com  
    Use a password with which you are already familiar and email it to another account of yours.  
  2. Complete the attendance sign-in to confirm attendance.  Attendance Sign-in
  3. In your new gmail, find the drop down link for "sites".  Create a new site and name it with the following format: 
    Firstname Lastname Portfolio
  4. In the edit page mode, rename the Home page to Resume
  5. Create a new page called Calendar
  6. Set up Google Calendar to show your entire schedule including:
    • all classes, from now until the end of the semester
    • scheduled labwork
        • must contain 2 hours of labwork per week for this class, outside of class
    • work and other recurring obligations
    • from the first day until the class ends the first week in December
    • go to setting and make the calendar public
  1. Insert your calendar in your Calendar page
     8. Create an account and complete the Brief Strengths Test at the following links:

:: Authentic Happiness :: Using the new Positive Psychology

Brief Strengths Test

  1. Create a document in Google Docs. Share it with:  anyone with the link
  2. Name it with the following format using your own name:

Firstname Lastname Resume

Refer to the following:
O*NET OnLine (for actual experience)

  1. Labwork: Create 4-6 categories of strengths with 4-6 skills per category.

Laurita Moore,
Aug 22, 2011, 1:29 PM