Wekan is an Open Source and collaborative Kanban board application.

I'm maintainer of Wekan.

Wekan priorities:
1) https://www.bountysource.com/teams/wekan - if you want some feature or bugfix implemented. This is more scalable way.
Any developer in the world can start working for a bounty and start working on it. So this is not limited by available time of xet7.
  • Any developer in the world can start working for a bounty and start working on it. So this is not limited by available time of xet7.
  • $100 minimum to get some feature or bugfix implemented. Please make sure there is at least this before contacting commercial support, it usually works OK. $300 is better for complex feature though.
  • 1) Backer (sponsor) registers to bountysource using some login method. GitHub login does not work, so you could try other methods, or forgot your password option.
  • 2) Backer copies GitHub issue URL to bountysource.com search field and setup bounty amount.
  • 3) If you are developer, register there as bounty hunter and start start working for a bounty.
  • 4) When feature is ready, bounty hunter (developer) adds it as clean pull request to Wekan GitHub repo devel branch, adding note to @xet7 that feature is ready for testing.
  • 5) xet7 merges pull request and closes issue
  • 6) Bounty hunter claims bounty at Bountysource
  • 7) Backer (sponsor) gets notification from Bountysource and accepts feature or bugfix that has been included in Wekan.
2) Commercial Support options:
  • by xet7: 50 euro/h + VAT ,  contact me by email.  Testimonials. Using this means xet7 can do more Wekan work and Wekan has faster progress. Not using this means xet7 does only pull request checking merging and releases at weekends or once a month, and has no time to develop features and bugfixes by himself. In year 2017 xet7 is busy doing Calendar feature and doing unrelated Linux server stuff for one customer. There are some regular Wekan contributors that xet7 can delegate Wekan support too, if xet7 is busy. Those regular contributors are currently developing Search and Teams/Organizations/User Admin features, but those could use increases for bounty amounts.
  • Vanila company can implement big features, they have a lot of capacity.

Do note that features and bugfixes usually take from some hours to one month to implement.

3) Community Support   -  https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15765575  - Why we never thank Open Source maintainershttps://www.thankyouopensource.com  please add there thanks to wekan/wekan if you use Wekan daily for something important of mission critical. Thanks made most of Wekan happen in free time of many developers. Some developers were paid to implement feature by company they worked for.

All code, documentation etc from these will be included in Wekan with MIT license.

Contributions to Wekan by xet7


Merged Wefork back to Wekan.

Many more commits to Wekan repos, see https://github.com/wekan/wekan for latest activity.

Docker: Wekan <=> MongoDB <=> ToroDB => PostgreSQL read-only mirroring for reporting with SQL, and accessing with any programming language, reporting package and Office suite that can connect to PostgreSQL. 


I updated Wekan fork README.md links to fork announcement, chat, roadmap etc. Created roadmap.


I added Wekan VirtualBox image to http://wekan.xet7.org because someone asked for it.


I started to write wiki page how to install Wekan from source to Windows, but did run to some issues, so it's still unfinished:


I added wiki page how to run Wekan on SLES 12 SP1:


I added wiki page how to use Caddy webserver to provide Let's Encrypt free SSL and optional Google Auth to Wekan:


I added wiki page how to export Wekan MongoDB data

I added wiki page about moving Docker containers to another computer, but it still needs more examples:

2015 -

For Sandstorm
hosting platform, I have translated Wekan https://wekan.io (previous name Libreboard) Open Source Trello-like kanban board to Finnish: https://github.com/wekan/wekan  https://www.transifex.com/wekan/wekan/