Film & Arts PR

LTV Strategic Media & Communications commands many years of experience in comprehensive public relations strategy, communications and brand management. We have served esteemed institutions, including Yale University and the University of Southern California, Arizona State University School of Film, Dance & Theatre, and many artists and media projects. We can help your organization maximize national visibility through a full range of public relations, communications, media and donor-relations initiatives.

Our experience includes media relations, arts and artist’s publicity, film publicity, event planning, brand management, grant-writing, and donor cultivation and stewardship. We are adept communicators, with expertise in writing for many audiences for both internal and external communications, social media, popular media and philanthropy.  We have been publicity managers for international classical music and jazz bands, for individual artists, and for many media projects.  We understand artists and arts organizations.  We can build you a news release and garner you media publicity, both online, virally, and in the traditional media outlets.  We are especially interested in working on projects that have a social component that seeks to educate or serve the public good.