Media Literacy

LTV Strategic Media & Communications can help schools, after school programs, parent & civics groups and businesses create workshops around media use, digital citizenship, and media education. But first... 

What's Media Literacy?

Media Literacy expands literacy to include digital and entertainment products, such as television, videos, movies, advertisements, internet sites and games. Much as we seek to teach our kids about good nutrition, media literacy helps children cultivate healthy viewing habits.  It gives them the ability to ACCESS, ANALYZE, EVALUATE and  CREATE media.  LTV Communications' work underscores the need for us all to be literate media consumers.

Media Resources for Educators and Parents
  • Check out the National Association of Media Literacy, or NAMLE, for news on Media Literacy Week October 31-November 4 2016 for schools nationwide, curricula teaching media issues, and ways to learn about new technologies for your classroom. 
  • The Media Education Lab at the University of Rhode Island is another site that offers a plethora of media literacy information, resources, curricula for educators K-12. Renee Hobbs, the founder of the Media Education Lab, is one of the early progenitors of the Media Literacy Movement.
  • E-Engagement Against Violence This EU funded project promoted by the University of Florence promotes the reduction of violence and discrimination through the critical analysis of the media's influence on our perceptions. This tool includes an e-learning Platform for Teachers as well as a five separate multi-unit modules for students.

  • Edutopia has a list of resources for parents seeking advice and information about how to help their children explore technology smartly and stay safe.
  • Common Sense Media offers reviews of films, games and websites for parents. The reviews are written by parents, not public health specialists of educators, but the site offers a comprehensive guide to all things media that can be very helpful to parents.
  • Net Family News provides a family-centric appraisal of the media landscape.
  • Cyber Civics A Digital Citizenship & Literacy Curriculum for Middle School (w/support for educators and parents). This turnkey in-classroom program meets an urgent demand to equip students with essential digital life skills.

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