LTV Strategic Media & Communication is a comprehensive public relations and media relations company specializing in the arts, entertainment and education. Our clients benefit from our many years of experience as public relations strategists, communicators and brand managers for esteemed institutions, including Yale University and the University of Southern California.  We can help your organization maximize national visibility through a range of initiatives. 

We are available to serve your needs for:
        • Public Relations
          • Brand Management
          • Social issues
          • Schools
          • Film & Arts publicity
          • Nonprofit publicity
          • Writing & editing
          • Website development
          • Social media
          • Arts public relations
          • Film festival & conference planning
          • Events
        • Media Relations
          • Print, electronic, web, social media
        • Grant-writing
          • Foundations
          • Corporate
          • Government
        • Donor/Board Development
        • Media Education 
          • Media usage workshops for schools and businesses
          • Curriculum building
          • Technology education
        • Research & Evaluation
We look forward to learning about your projects and how we might work together.  

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